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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant – StART Up Community Arts Project: Seeking Artistic Concepts


Art can enhance social inclusion. Through art, young people can interact and understand elderly in different perspective! 

We are seeking Cantonese speaking artists/artist collectives to submit their ideas for commissioned artworks, community art projects involving elderly/youth, artist-in-school residencies, masterclasses and/or teacher workshops.

In your proposal, please include a biography of the artist(s)/artist collective, art form, content, topics addressed, objectives, communities involved, timeline, artist fees and project budget. 

If you are interested in taking part, read and download the submission guidelines and application form (Chinese version only). Send the completed form with your proposal to kinyu@hkyaf.com by 31 August.

Community Art, Elderly, Youngster, Visual Arts, Performing Arts


Seeking Artists
Date: 28/07-31/08/2017 (Fri-Thu)
Registration Deadline: 31/08/2017 (Thu)
Enquiries: kinyu@hkyaf.com / 2214 0280
Note: Conducted in Cantonese only


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Around the world, many elderly people face loneliness and isolation. Our Community Arts Project stART Up, is designed to help elderly people connect with youngsters and artists in a meaningful collaboration through art.

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Hong Kong’s largest outdoor youth arts festival and puppet parade – Standard Chartered Arts in the Park – returns on 11 and 12 November!

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