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Mixed Artforms


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant - stART UP Community Arts Project 2017 - 2018

Around the world, many elderly people face loneliness and isolation. Our Community Arts Project stART Up, is designed to help elderly people connect with youngsters and artists in a meaningful collaboration through art.

Visual Arts


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2017: Fashion Walk Hat Parade

Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolate manufacturer in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and Chocolate Factory, is famous for wearing an elegant suit and smart top hat. Join us at the magical hat parade for a peek at his fabulous hat collection!

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2017: Art Fun in Causeway Bay Grand Finale Parade

Join us to see Willy Wonka, Matilda, The Sneaky Crocodile, The Old Green Grasshopper and other favourite protagonists from the fabulous fictional world of children’s writer Roald Dahl transformed into 4-metre-tall giant puppets and brought to life in the Grand Finale Parade in Causeway Bay!

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2017: Art Fun in Causeway Bay Night Parade

After the sun has set, it is time for our fabulous illuminated Night Parade to light up the streets of Causeway Bay!

Visual Arts


Sheraton Hong Kong Presents: “My Sham Shui Po Hidden Gems” Art Exhibition

How do the young people living in Sham Shui Po perceive their neighbourhood?

Visual Arts


City Momentum Public Art Project

The City Momentum Public Art project showcases the work of nine local artists and illustrators and their visual interpretations of Hong Kong city life!

Visual Arts


HK Urban Canvas: Exhibition

To bring the project to a wider audience, we launched a series of youth art education programmes that help students and artists engage with people working in different industries.

Visual Arts


HK Urban Canvas: Guided Cultural Tour

To find out more about the concepts behind the shutter artworks and the local neighbourhood culture, join our HK Urban Canvas cultural guided tours!



1 Jul 2017

Cecilia Ho - City Momentum Public Art Project Artist

Cecilia Ho - City Momentum Public Art Project Artist


28 Feb 2017

The Smiling Art

Tim & Mabel@Smile Maker-"HK Urban Canvas" Graffiti Art Team


30 Sep 2016

Dream Chasing Illustrator - Belle Chow (Marsmary)


14 Jul 2016

Making Art Down to Earth

Art is universal. Inspiration can come from all aspects of our daily lives and the results can take many forms, benefiting all of our lives in different ways.


31 Mar 2016

Your Impression of the Ocean - Awakening

To save our oceans and the future of our planet, even the smallest action helps. Think about your behaviour. Join us to help make a difference to the oceans and the world we all depend on for existence.


29 Sep 2015

Dare to Dream with Kiki Cheng

First up in our Sheraton Hong Kong Presents: “Dare to Dream” Youth Portrait Exhibition blog series we have illustrator Kiki Cheng.


10 Jul 2015

I promise to...

Want a limited edition One Bowl, One Promise bowl?


30 Apr 2015

Gareth Dunster on Ocean Art Walk 2015 at Stanley Plaza

Next up in this series , we have our fantastic visual artist Gareth Dunster!


30 Oct 2014

Urban Decay with Christine Yeung

Instead of just taking a photo of an object, I need to take the photo in a perspective where it becomes an artwork itself and tells a unique story.


15 Aug 2014

Alisa Chau: Why join JUMP CUT?

Last but not least, we have Alisa Chau who talks about her experience of JUMP CUT 2014! If being part of this festival sounds appealing… sign up to JUMP CUT 2015 team now!



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