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Performing Arts


“MELODIA” Theatrical Experience

Breaking usual musical traditions, the performance creates a new form of interdisciplinary entertainment through word, song, dance, aerial arts, puppetry, physical theatre and acrobatics. Join us for an unforgettable theatrical experience!

Performing Arts


MELODIA - Advance Booking (Public Performance)

Your best chance to book the best tickets for Melodia! Join us for an unforgettable theatrical experience!

Mixed Artforms


Seeking Youths for MELODIA's Stage Makeup Team

Become part of our Melodia youth makeup team, get professional training and help transform and transport our cast into a different world!

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2016

Step into a magical forest with mesmerising illuminated artworks, spectacular giant puppets, and an array of art stalls and stage performances – a weekend of extraordinary visual and sensory art experiences for all ages!

Performing Arts


Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016: Ignite

Community performing art projects that ignite a sense of belonging, encourage community collaboration and motivate all to explore and discover new strengths.

Performing Arts


Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 20106: Ignite

As part of the Ignite programme, groups of artists are working in communities around Hong Kong, encouraging collaboration and a sense of belonging, and motivating residents to explore their strengths and discover new talents.

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2015: Art Fun in Causeway Bay - Grand Finale Parade

600 young people in extravagant hand-made costumes take to the streets with giant hand-made puppets looming three metres tall!



14 Jul 2016

Making Art Down to Earth

Art is universal. Inspiration can come from all aspects of our daily lives and the results can take many forms, benefiting all of our lives in different ways.



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