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Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Rap and Rhyme

Discover what makes a perfect hip-hop track by learning how to pick a good tempo, write the right rhyme and rap the best bars!

Performing Arts


West Side Story Dance Workshop

Take a dance workshop led by the electrifying cast members of West Side Story, here in Hong Kong for a limited time only! Learn electrifying high-energy choreography on the actual set itself, and dance to the unforgettable score that changed the face of musical theatre 60 years ago!

Performing Arts

Miller Performing Arts: Pull Back the Curtain 2017 - Seeking Participants

The city's most innovative English youth scriptwriting initiative Pull Back the Curtain returns! Join us now!

Visual Arts


X’tra Special Arts Project

Using art as a bridge to connect participants spiritually through a shared emotional experience – This is the expectation of the X’tra Special Arts Project.

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: See Me Fly - Aerial Silks Workshop

Hang upside down and see the world in a whole new perspective!

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Digital Music Workshop

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect music track to go with your theatre or dance production? Search no more! Join us for a digital music workshop and learn how to create your own tracks using free iOS music apps!

Performing Arts


Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016: Little Big Voice

Touching, surprising, familiar – the pieces are bound to warm your heart.



14 Jul 2016

Making Art Down to Earth

Art is universal. Inspiration can come from all aspects of our daily lives and the results can take many forms, benefiting all of our lives in different ways.


26 Jan 2016

Shimali de Silva’s Pull Back the Curtain

Next up in our Pull Back series, we have Shimali de Silva who received staged reading in Pull Back the Curtain 2014!


20 Jan 2016

Ariel Chan’s Pull Back the Curtain

The city's most innovative English youth scriptwriting initiative Pull Back the Curtain returns! To give everyone a better look at what it means to be in the workshops, we spoke to some of the participants from last year. First up, we have Ariel Chan!


30 Nov 2015

Blood Brothers Dance Workshop with Gin Gin Mak

To let others learn more about developing choreography for a musical, Giselle Liu & Kirsten Ho led a musical dance workshop earlier this year. We speak to Gin Gin Mak (13 years old, Renaissance College) about her experience.


29 Sep 2015

Dare to Dream with Kiki Cheng

First up in our Sheraton Hong Kong Presents: “Dare to Dream” Youth Portrait Exhibition blog series we have illustrator Kiki Cheng.


16 Jul 2015

The Good Body with Jessica De Borja

We’re really looking forward to Miller Performing Arts: The Good Body workshop, and spoke to Jessy De Borja to gain a glimpse of what inspired her to create and lead it!


30 Oct 2014

Urban Decay with Christine Yeung

Instead of just taking a photo of an object, I need to take the photo in a perspective where it becomes an artwork itself and tells a unique story.


13 Aug 2014

Billy Lo: Why Join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Billy Lo! Read on to find out about his experience as one of the committee members of JUMP CUT 2014.


17 Jul 2014

The World of Commedia dell'Arte

If you missed our Commedia dell'Arte workshops, fear not - read our blog where talk to Joan Morgan about this wonderful comedic artform.


9 Jul 2014

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

With our Off the Beat workshop coming up in a few days, we managed to catch workshop leader Sascia for a quick chat.



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