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Melodia: Spotlight on Ainara Mireya Sierralta Sucre

Posted on 21/04/2017, BY HKYAF

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My name is Ainara. I am 8 years old and I was born in Venezuela. I have a cat named Oliver and I have a very big family all around the world. I have been living in Hong Kong for nearly 5 years. I like to play the ukulele and play with my cat and friends.

I am part of the Hoodundis tribe, one of the tribes of Zymbalia. The Hoodundis are tricksters, jokesters and they are cheeky. Also, I am part of the acrobatic trio family act with my mom and dad.

I wake up pretty early every morning to train: we do contemporary dance, handstands, acrobatics and flexibility. I go to all my Melodia rehearsals and try my best. I think that this production is different because I have never been in a show with so many people; I usually perform only with my parents. I think that this show is unique because it has original music and we have a great team.

When I found out that I would be part of the show, I was very excited because I knew that the name, Melodia would mean that I had to sing and I love to sing! I love that I get to sing and get to see my new friends. The rehearsals are fun. Everybody is so nice to me. I will miss all my friends that are in the show. I am going to miss the songs, the story and the rehearsals.

My top tips for a great show are: Be focused. Always rehearse many times before the show. Enjoy it.

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