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Art Angels: Interested in corporate volunteering?

Heaven is not the only place to look for angels – kind and generous souls can be found right here in the city.

Every year, HKYAF helps a variety of corporations to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility needs by providing fun and unusual hands-on art experiences that enable their employees to give back to the community. Through innovative activities such as mural painting, public art treasure hunts, puppet making workshops and African drum jamming, Art Angels brings the magic of the arts to communities who seldom get the chance to experience it, including children from low-income families and special needs youth.

Help us ignite someone's dream through art – together we can provide a supportive, rewarding experience and shape the lives of those who are less fortunate. 

Performing Arts, Youth, Art Angels (CSR), Visual Arts, Volunteering


Fee: N/A
Enquiries: wendy@hkyaf.com


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If you work with young people and would like to learn more about how to include drama into your teaching, join us for the Drama in Action workshops this autumn!

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