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Ocean Art Walk 2015 – Seeking Artists

Ocean Art Walk is an annual festival that celebrates the beauty of our ocean. It uses art to capture people’s attention and inspire positive action.

Ocean Art Walk is a platform for artists and young people to reflect on the ways in which our behaviour affects the health of our ocean and to use creativity to encourage people to think about the part we all play in taking care of our surroundings.

In preparation for Ocean Art Walk 2015, we are now seeking artists to produce commissioned artwork and/or run artist-in-school residencies. All artwork will be exhibited outdoors for three weeks and must be weatherproof. If interested, please complete the submission form at www.hkyaf.com by 10 November.

Workshop, Youth, Visual Arts, Community Arts, Public Art, Environmental Arts, Exhibition, Artists



Seeking Artists
Registration Deadline: 10/11/2014 (Mon)
Enquiries: yan@hkyaf.com / 2877 2779


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Make online learning a fun and creative experience with this collection of Chinese language resources that help provide enriched online learning experiences for primary school students.

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