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Miller Performing Arts: #BetheChange: Tipping the Scales

"In recent years, researchers estimate a pangolin was poached every 21 minutes to fuel the illegal trade in Hong Kong alone. Globally, a pangolin is poached from the wild every 5 minutes."

#BetheChange: Tipping the Scales is a dance film that explores the plight of pangolins through creative movement. Created by Lindsey McAlister (Director) and Alicia Tang (Assistant Director), the film featured 11 young dancers and choreographers aged between 7 and 14 years old.

Over a six-week period, the young performers were given a variety of stimuli on the theme and were encouraged to develop their choreographic skills to create short vignettes of solos, duets and group movement pieces. The process was a highly creative and unique experience with the older dancers mentoring the younger, less experienced dancers.

#BeTheChange is a dance and spoken word film series created by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) and encourages young people to address social issues that impact them through the arts. Tipping the Scales is created in partnership with Miller Performing Arts and supported by ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF)'s Wildlife Programme. ADMCF is an environmental NGO working towards a sustainable future, protecting biodiversity and combatting the illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong through research, incubating initiatives and raising awareness. They are currently seeking support for a critical legislative amendment that will see wildlife crime finally treated as an organised and serious criminal offence, taking the fight to those driving pangolins to extinction. Sign the petition and help us fight against illegal wildlife trading: http://bit.ly/3u4Lk4z 

Anabelle Fong
Amelie Andrea Shih
Caitlyn Tang
Ezha Oswin
Ines Ivart
Isabelle Young
Jo Wong
Kate Suen
Karin Shigiya
Maeve Spangfort
Noelle Maiko Hime Dino

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