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In HK Urban Canvas: Guided Cultural Tour

To find out more about the concepts behind the shutter artworks and the local neighbourhood culture, join our HK Urban Canvas cultural guided tours!


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Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2022

This December, travel back in time to nineteenth-century Victorian England for a festive Dickensian Christmas!

Visual Arts


Lee Gardens Street Art Festival presented by Lee Gardens Xplore

The first-ever Lee Gardens Street Art Festival presented by Lee Gardens Xplore takes inspiration from the city’s natural heritage to bring “The Wonder of Insects” to Causeway Bay!

Visual Arts

The “East Rail Line ‧ Fun Fun Art” Train Creation Project

Looking for a way to make travelling on a train more fun? Hop on the colourful community-themed “East Rail Line ‧ Fun Fun Art” train running between the Northeast New Territories, Kowloon Central and Hong Kong Island from now until the end of 2022 and admire this new piece of moving art!

Visual Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project 2022 – The Joyful Studio

This summer, as well as providing photo retouching and photography services for elderly members of the community, The Joyful Studio features an exhibition of more than 30 childhood photos from the 1950s to 1970s on the theme of “Happy childhood”.

Mixed Artforms


Beyond Environmental Arts Festival

Under the theme “Waste not, want not”, the first-ever Beyond Environmental Arts Festival presents a short theatrical performance Time4Change about the work of five environmental pioneers, four upcycling workshops – “Reclaimed Wood Coasters”, “Miniature Fabric Dolls”, “Paper Porcupine Puppets” and “Plastic Insect Pins” – on how to create art out of recycled materials, as well as environmental art installations by local artists. 

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