• MAR - APR 2017

    “MELODIA” Theatrical Experience

    Breaking usual musical traditions, the performance creates a new form of interdisciplinary entertainment through word, song, dance, aerial arts,puppetry, physical theatre and acrobatics. Join us for an unforgettable theatrical experience!

  • Race for the Arts

    For the arts, how far can you run?

    For the past 24 years, HKYAF has undertaken a wide variety of high quality and inclusive arts projects serving a broad cross section of young people. Our vision is unlimited but our funding is not. For this reason, we invite you to make an online donation and support our “Race for the Arts” runners. With your generosity we can create an inspiring and creative world for the next generation.

  • FEB - APR 2017

    HK Urban Canvas

    Can a gate or shutter be a work of art?

    HK Urban Canvas, a large-scale community art project will show you that they can!

  • 14 - 16 APR 2017

    “Chess of Hetu and Luoshu – 36 Stratagems” New Media Art Project

    Using swarm robotics programmed with algorithms, they will create a choreography that reinterprets the theories of two ancient texts, the "Hetu” (Yellow River Chart) and “Luoshu” (Nine Halls Diagram), and conclude the project with a new media art performance at the Shing Mun River in April 2017.


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Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Digital Music Workshop

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect music track to go with your theatre or dance production? Search no more! Join us for a digital music workshop and learn how to create your own tracks using free iOS music apps! The workshop is facilitated by Dr Lee Cheng, an interdisciplinary artist-teacher and researcher at the Education University of Hong Kong. He is also the musical director and conductor of the iLOrk, a laptop and mobile device ensemble. Participants should bring their own iPhone or iPad, and download six free iOS apps including GarageBand, Remixlive, LaunchPad, OcarinaFree, iMovie and Handbell Solo Lite onto their iPhone or iPad prior to the workshop. 
Visual Arts


“Chess of Hetu and Luoshu – 36 Stratagems” New Media Art Project Master Class Workshop

With support from the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation introduces our first outdoor media art project – Chess of Hetu and Luoshu –  36 Stratagems. This new project makes use of new media robotic art to reinterpret two influential ancient Chinese concepts, the "Hetu” (Yellow River Chart) and “Luoshu” (Nine Halls Diagram).  Led by new media artist Chris Cheung and research lab XPLOR, the Master Class Workshop offers young people the opportunity to explore new media art and robotics technology. Participants will learn about the concept behind the project, discover the principles of algorithms, look at trends in media art and create their own simple robotic piece. The workshop consists of six sessions that take place in February and March. Participants will also have the chance to help with the preparation of a robotic performance to be held from 14 to 16 April at the Shing Mun River in Shatin. The workshop is suitable for young people interested in new media arts.
Mixed Artforms

02-12/03/2017, 25/03-02/04/2017, 06-12/04/2017

“MELODIA” Outreach Art Educational Programme

Join our MELODIA Theatrical Experience & Outreach Art Educational Programme and enjoy amazing creative arts experience including giant puppet theatre, percussion, cymatic art, circus and rod puppet workshops! The programme will be held in a colorful huge tent between March and April. It will travel around Hong Kong at three sites (Tsuen Wan Park, Aberdeen Promenade and Nursery Park in West Kowloon Cultural District) and bring a series of visual arts and performing arts workshops that are designed based on inspirations from the MELODIA story to youngsters. Participants also have a chance to have a first glimpse of the limited edition MELODIA illustration book. Public workshops will be held on weekends at the travelling tent. All local schools, special need schools and community groups are welcomed to apply for the weekday workshops. 
Performing Arts

, 10/03/2017, 10/03/2017

Miller Performing Arts: See Me Fly - Aerial Silks Workshop

Hang upside down and see the world in a whole new perspective!   Led by Joe Cassman Lam, one of Hong Kong’s top aerialists and the first to represent Hong Kong at the U.S. Aerial Championships 2016, the safe and simple workshop begins with stretching and strengthening exercises aided by aerial silk slings. Participants will then learn how to climb with grace, invert with ease and other basic aerial tricks. Not only will you improve your coordination and motor skills, but you will also build strength and confidence by practicing simple yet beautiful aerial moves on silks.  
Mixed Artforms


Experience Wan Chai @ West Kowloon

This spring, enjoy outdoor art activities under a blue sky at Experience Wan Chai @ West Kowloon, a fun art and cultural day at the West Kowloon Nursery Park with cultural activities from Wan Chai! To promote the district’s emerging alternative cultural scene, and provide insight into its rich and interesting past, local art organisations and community groups will present a range of multi-themed activities, including a book-crossing wagon, a residents story-sharing, martial arts workshops and performances of dramas, dance and music.  Free shuttle buses will be provided to and from Wan Chai and West Kowloon. Please keep an eye on our website for details.    Illustration:Carmen Ng
Visual Arts


X’tra Special Arts Project

For the past five years, the X’tra Special Arts Project has offered workshops to stimulate creativity among teachers and students with special needs. To date, the project has benefited over two thousand participants and helped students to express their feelings and enhance their self-esteem through art. In 2017, this popular project returns with a new series of free workshops that focus on light, shadows and reflections.   Light and Shadow workshop Using our hands to make animal shadows on a wall is something we have all tried in childhood. In this workshop, the artist Elsie Wong takes the art to a whole new level. Using simple techniques , students will learn how to create shadow puppets, explore how to develop movement, and help to co-create a light and shadow theatre performance.  
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