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We reach over 800,000 people every year, creating and presenting the very best in art.


The Smiling Art

Tim & Mabel@Smile Maker-"HK Urban Canvas" Graffiti Art Team

Melodia: Spotlight on Felicity Low

Next up in our "Melodia" blog series, we have Felicity Low!

Melodia Siblings: Tess and Meagan Chau

It’s always so lovely when families get involved in our projects! And for our 2017 flagship musical Melodia, it turns out we’ve casted 6 sets of siblings, including 2 sets of twins. In this Melodia Siblings blog series, meet our wonderful siblings. First up, we have Tess and Meagan Chau.

Exploring the beauty of our changing local districts

Take a moment to explore the everyday world of the communities around you and reflect on the history and beauty of our changing local districts!
Mixed Artforms


Spark! Arts Programme for Children at Small Group Homes

Art nourishes and enriches our lives and can change the way we see the world. In 2013 to 2014, YAF implemented the first arts programme for Children at Small Group Homes. The intensive programme used art as a way to encourage participants to recognise their feelings and express their thoughts, helping young people to find their own voice and overcome social and personal inhibitions in a non-judgmental and non-competitive environment. With the generous support of The Swire Group Charitable Trust, this inspiring programme continues next year with a new three-year edition that runs from 2017 to 2019. For the new programme, YAF has designed a series of fun and enriching visual and performing art experiences for over four hundreds youngsters aged between 4 and 18 living in Small Group Homes in Hong Kong.
Visual Arts


X’tra Special Arts Project

For the past five years, the X’tra Special Arts Project has offered workshops to stimulate creativity among teachers and students with special needs. To date, the project has benefited over two thousand participants and helped students to express their feelings and enhance their self-esteem through art. In 2017, this popular project returns with a new series of free workshops that focus on light, shadows and reflections.   Light and Shadow workshop Using our hands to make animal shadows on a wall is something we have all tried in childhood. In this workshop, the artist Elsie Wong takes the art to a whole new level. Using simple techniques , students will learn how to create shadow puppets, explore how to develop movement, and help to co-create a light and shadow theatre performance.  
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