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Visual Arts

HK Urban Canvas: Mobile Application

To let audiences view the shutter art works at any time, the HK Urban Canvas project includes a mobile app with an augmented reality function that allows you to view the works on your smartphone even when shops are open and the shutters are not visible! The app also lets you share the art works on social media. With the app you can check the location of each shutter, read about the artistic concept behind each work, learn neighbourhood stories, and follow suggested cultural tour routes – each of which is supported by a GPS system that makes it easy to locate checkpoints. The HK Urban Canvas mobile app will be available for free download from Apple Store and Google Play from May 2017. 
Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Theatre in the Classroom

Theatre skills are a powerful teaching tool. They can be used to promote cooperation and empathy, develop decision-making abilities, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and encourage creativity and imagination.   This workshop will show teachers new ways of incorporating physical activities and alternative methodologies into their teaching and classroom management practices to help inspire students of all ages and backgrounds!   Heather Cooper is a Hong Kong-based actor, producer and playwright. She has worked as Drama Co-ordinator at the Diocesan Boys’ School and has created inter-school drama productions that have been recognised at the Hong Kong Drama Festival.

Melodia: Spotlight on Katia Shek

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Visual Arts


HK Urban Canvas: Guided Cultural Tour

To find out more about the concepts behind the shutter artworks and the local neighbourhood culture, join our HK Urban Canvas cultural guided tours! Tours take place between 24 May and 12 June, with expert guides helping you to explore the unique art and culture of the local communities in Wan Chai, Central and Western. The tours are open to schools and the public. Advance registration required. Stay tuned to our website for details: Online registration will start soon.  
Performing Arts

21/05/2017, 21/05/2017

Le French May: Women in Hip-Hop Workshop With Marion Motin and Swaggers

Step up and learn a new kind of hip-hop – cool, classy and powerful!   In the heavily male-dominated world of hip-hop, you have to be tough to survive. Renowned principal dancer and choreographer Marion Motin – who has made a name for herself working with superstars like Robbie Williams and Madonna – demonstrates that women can hold their own in hip-hop too!   Don’t miss the chance to learn from Marion Motin and her group Swaggers, joining us all the way from France. Male and female dancers welcome.   

Melodia: Spotlight on Felicity Low

Next up in our "Melodia" blog series, we have Felicity Low!
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