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Aging redefined

We can all lead happy, productive, meaningful lives, no matter how old we are – and we are never too old to chase our dreams! Let’s help the elderly among us face changes positively, and with curious open minds.
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08/07/2018, 08/07/2018


Register now to create your Tai Koo!  We invite residents and workers in Tai Koo to join the first-ever “I AM A PLACEMAKER” workshop. Let your inner artist shine as you create an artwork to reflect everything you want to see in our Tai Koo neighbourhood – whether it be a cosy Italian restaurant, your favourite boutique, or yoga in the park – the sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination! Your artworks will be displayed at Cityplaza mall in mid-July, and will help showcase YOUR ideas on how to create the perfect community at Tai Koo. 
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X’tra Special Arts Project

Using art as a bridge connects participants spiritually through a shared emotional experience. ​- This is the expectation of X’tra Special Arts Project. Since 2011, YAF’s popular X’tra Special Arts Project has offered workshops to stimulate creativity among students with special needs. The project has benefited thousands of participants over the years, helping students to express their feelings and enhance their self-esteem through art. In 2018, this popular project will offer special needs schools a new series of free X’tra Special Arts workshops with a focus on “Art and Science”.   Art and Science We might sometimes think that art and science are unrelated. That science is logical, systematic and objective, and that art is intuitive and subjective. But actually the two disciplines have a lot in common. Both are about experimentation and discovery, and both need curiosity, skill and a creative imagination. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was not just a talented artist, he was also an inventor and scientist, whose research and insights had a profound influence not only on art history, but also on the scientific developments taking place in his time. In this workshop, students are led by a YAF artist in a fun experience that combines science and arts. Special needs schools or related organisations interested in this workshop should email for details.
Visual Arts

HK Urban Canvas: Mobile Application

To let audiences view the shutter art works at any time, the HK Urban Canvas project includes a mobile app with an augmented reality function that allows you to view the works on your smartphone even when shops are open and the shutters are not visible! The app also lets you share the art works on social media. The app includes four districts and seven tour routes on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. With the app you can check the location of the forty shutter artworks, read about the artistic concepts behind each work, learn neighbourhood stories, and follow your own pace to walk along the suggested cultural tour routes – each of which is supported by a GPS system that makes it easy to locate checkpoints. The updated HK Urban Canvas mobile app is now available for free download from App Store and Google Play!

King Wong - Artist with The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project

King Wong - Artist with The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project
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Mural Painting Project by Marks & Spencer (Asia Pacific) Limited

This June, a group of Marks & Spencer (Asia Pacific) Limited volunteers will create colourful murals at the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fong Shu Chuen Social Service Building! The workshop will be led by a professional YAF artist and provide participants with a meaningful art experience, boosting their self-confidence and helping to create a vibrant environment for the building's elderly. YAF is delighted to partner again with Marks & Spencer (Asia Pacific) Limited to present this latest Art Angels (CSR) programme. Art Angels (CSR) projects create opportunities for corporate volunteers to support and inspire young participants and give back to the community.
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