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Oliver!: Spotlight on Patrick Munday

Next up in our Oliver! series, we have Patrick Munday, who audiences will no doubt remember for his incredible performance of the eccentric Mr Sowerberry.

Imelda Cheng in #ArtsinthePark

Next up in our #ArtsinthePark dancer series, we have Imelda Cheng from Kirsten Ho’s Across the Universe.

Allason in #ArtsinthePark

Next up, we have Allason who performed in #ArtsinthePark for the first time this year. She danced in Anca Chung’s To Infinity and Beyond.

Oliver!: Spotlight on Nikki Cheung

Next up we have the beautiful and graceful Nikki Cheung. She was in the dance ensemble for Oliver! and this was her first YAF project.

Rachel Telford in #ArtsinthePark

Next up we have Rachel Telford! This was her second time performing at #ArtsinthePark and this year she performed in both of Giselle Liu’s pieces: Where the Wild Things Are At Night and Perfect Creatures.

Oliver!: Spotlight on Lindsey McAlister

First up in our Oliver! series, we have… Lindsey McAlister, who was the fearless incredible and visionary director behind this fantastic show!
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