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Ariel Chan: Why join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Ariel Chan who amongst many other jobs, went onto RTHK’s radio show to talk about JUMP CUT 2014 and designed the gorgeous publicity image for the festival!


Elephant Magic with Desiree Ho

This month, YAF is working with Pacific Place and Swire Properties to bring a whole host of workshops and storytelling sessions as part of the Elephant Parade! We sit down for a long chat with Desiree Ho, who is our resident storyteller at Pacific Place.


Charmaine Chan: Why join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Charmaine Chan who was President of the youth committee of JUMP CUT 2014.
Art Angels (CSR)


Mural Painting Project by Point72 Asia (Hong Kong) Limited

This September, as part of YAF's Art Angels (CSR) series, a group of Point72 Asia (Hong Kong) Limited volunteers will join students from the Mental Health Association of HK – Cornwall School and help them create a beautiful mural at their school campus. The workshop will be led by a professional YAF artist and will provide students with a meaningful art experience, boosting their self-confidence and creating a bright and colourful, inspiring school environment at the same time. YAF is delighted to partner with Point72 Asia (Hong Kong) Limited to present this latest Art Angels (CSR) programme. Art Angels (CSR) projects create opportunities for corporate volunteers to support and inspire young participants and give back to the community.


Alisa Chau: Why join JUMP CUT?

Last but not least, we have Alisa Chau who talks about her experience of JUMP CUT 2014! If being part of this festival sounds appealing… sign up to JUMP CUT 2015 team now!
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