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Miller Performing Arts: 2017-18 Seeking HKYAF Youth Assistant Choreographers


Gain practical, behind-the-scenes insight into the world of dance and have the opportunity to find and showcase your own creative voice!
Become a HKYAF Young Assistant Choreographer and from September 2017 to May 2018 work alongside professionals who will share their experience and mentor you to develop your choreographic skills and dance techniques. You will also learn how to lead your peers in the creation of new dance performances for some of YAF’s most iconic events in 2017/18!
To apply, please complete the online form and come along to the workshop audition.

Workshop Audition
This workshop audition is led by Jun Mabaquiao, former Senior Soloist with Hong Kong Ballet and one of the city’s most sought-after choreographers!

During the audition, participants will learn different techniques for devising individual and group choreography, and gain useful, practical tools for creating inspiring, versatile, original movements.

Monthly Meet-ups 

6pm - 8pm @ YAF Studio

  • 07 | 09 | 2017 
  • 28 | 09 | 2017
  • 26 | 10 | 2017
  • 30 | 11 | 2017
  • 25 | 01 | 2018
  • 08 | 02 | 2018
  • 29 | 03 | 2018


Performing Arts


Part of

Miller Performing Arts


Mentorship Programme
Date: 09/06/2017 (Fri)
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Venue: YAF Studio
Fee: Free admission
Registration Deadline: 5/06/2017 (Mon)
Enquiries: anca@hkyaf.com / 2511 6256
Suitable for: Experienced dancers aged 13 to 25


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