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Performing Arts


Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Hong Kong Season) - Benji Auditions

Casting four boys for the Hong Kong season! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform alongside musical theatre professionals!

Performing Arts

Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2017: Recruiting Performance Groups

Does your performance group have skills you’d like to show the world?

Mixed Artforms


Experience Wan Chai @ West Kowloon

Breaking the boundaries. Experience the essence of Wan Chai culture in West Kowloon

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Digital Music Workshop

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect music track to go with your theatre or dance production? Search no more! Join us for a digital music workshop and learn how to create your own tracks using free iOS music apps!

Mixed Artforms


Melodia - Seeking Young Performers

Seeking enthusiastic and energetic actors, singers and dancers between the ages of 9 and 25 to take part in the theatrical experience written by Cirque du Soleil composers!

Performing Arts

Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2016: Recruiting Performance Groups

If you dance, play music, do acrobatics, perform magic, do martial arts or perform anything else that impresses… we’d love to have you!

Performing Arts

Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016: Recruiting Performance Groups for City Dancing

Let your performance get our city moving! Here comes the chance to perform in “City Dancing”!

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Swing Dance Crash Course

Take part in this workshop with Hong Kong Swings’ award-winning teachers Thomas Latter and Aurore Alauze and learn the basics of swing dance.

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Treblemakers A Cappella Workshop

Join Northwestern University's Treblemakers in a workshop that celebrates one of the most powerful art forms we have – the unaccompanied human voice.



6 Apr 2017

Melodia: Spotlight on Katia Shek

Next up in our Melodia series, we have Katia Shek!


20 Jan 2016

Ariel Chan’s Pull Back the Curtain

The city's most innovative English youth scriptwriting initiative Pull Back the Curtain returns! To give everyone a better look at what it means to be in the workshops, we spoke to some of the participants from last year. First up, we have Ariel Chan!


15 Jan 2016

Claudia Lau in Blood Brothers

Next up in our Blood Brothers blog series, we have Claudia Lau! This was her first YAF musical experience and she was one of the narrator and part of the singing ensembles.


13 Jan 2016

Rachel Li in Blood Brothers

Next up in our Blood Brothers blog series, we have Rachel Li (photo: right)! This was her 1st musical experience in life and she was part of the dance ensembles.


11 Jan 2016

Lauren Ho in Blood Brothers

Next up in our Blood Brothers series we have Lauren Ho!


8 Jan 2016

Alex Beasley in Blood Brothers

Next up in our Blood Brothers series, we have Alex Beasley from the main ensemble.


6 Jan 2016

Zacharias Chan in Blood Brothers

Next up in our Blood Brothers series, we have Zacharias Chan, who audiences will no doubt remember for his incredible performance of the innocent twins brother Eddie.


4 Jan 2016

Trevor Lin in Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers has sadly come to an end... hope everyone enjoyed watching the performance! In this next series, we’ll be speaking to those who were involved in the production. First up, we have one of the twins brother Trevor Lin!


30 Nov 2015

Blood Brothers Dance Workshop with Gin Gin Mak

To let others learn more about developing choreography for a musical, Giselle Liu & Kirsten Ho led a musical dance workshop earlier this year. We speak to Gin Gin Mak (13 years old, Renaissance College) about her experience.


22 Oct 2015

Kazoo - a buzz of excitement

Learn to kazoo at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2015!



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