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Beyond Environmental Arts Festival 2024 – Seeking Emerging Singers/Bands

Beyond Environmental Arts Festival 2024 music performance will take place on July 6. 

Before you apply, please read through the guidelines document thoroughly:
● Insufficient/incorrect contact details will affect your chance of getting programmed into the event.
● Information provided regarding your performance group and your piece will be printed in our promotional materials and cannot be changed after printing.
*Remark #1: You may upload your recent performance video or music videos to our DROPBOX; THE FILE NAME OF THE VIDEO(S) should INCLUDE “YOUR ARTIST NAME/ BAND NAME” of your performance 
^Remark #2: For music groups, please download this additional form to indicate your stage plan. 

Please be reminded that NO obscene and indecent content is allowed. HKYAF reserves the rights to terminate your performance at any time.

By applying for this event, you are giving HKYAF consent to send you further news regarding HKYAF activities. If you would like to opt out, please first CREATE AN ACCOUNT, then go to 'edit account' and uncheck the notification/newsletter box, or email info@hkyaf.com. HKYAF reserves the right to use photos, videos and/or sound recordings taken during the event for promotional purposes, unless otherwise informed by you in writing. For details on your data privacy rights, please visit http://www.hkyaf.com/site/terms 

When filling in an application form, please note that it is mandatory for you to provide personal data marked with asterisks. In the event that you do not provide such data, we may not be able to provide you our services.

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Event Details


Free admission, online registration required

mag@hkyaf.com / 28772656

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Additional Details

I/ My group have/has read the guidelines carefully and agreed to follow all the arrangements stipulated by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (HKYAF) *:
I/ My group understand(s) that HKYAF reserves the right to cancel the performance due to large-scale public order events, adverse weather or other emergencies on the event dates*:
Name of group/individual (English)*:
Name of group/individual (Chinese)*:
Mailing address*:
Contact person*:
Performance group/artist name (English)*:
Performance group/artist name (Chinese)*:
Number of performers*:
Age range of performers*:
Genre of your songs*:
Please specify the type of music genres to be performed*:
Is your music programme a premiere*:
If no, when and where was it first performed:
Performance song #1 (English):
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Performance song #2 (English):
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Performance song #3 (English):
Performance song #3 (Chinese):
Approx. running time (max 7 minutes, minimum 5 minutes)*:
Description of performance (please submit a Word document/pdf file with approx. 100 words, bilingual – English and Chinese. Info provided will be used in our promotional and introductory materials)*:
Video link to recent performance (similar number of performers, quality and style to application piece). *Remark #1*:
Links to songs & lyrics used in the performance*:
I confirm that my/our performance songs must be suitable for audiences of all ages and should not contain any vulgar language or adult themes*:
You/Your band may upload a photo (headshot/PR photo) for future promotion*:
I/My group confirmed that we can attend the final rehearsal, venue rehearsals and the entire performance*:
Remarks on the attendance of your/your group :
Please upload your stage plan here (link to the template is at ^Remark# 2)*:
How many microphones do you need? *:
How many mic-stands do you need? *:
How many chairs do you need? *:
No. of vocalist(s)*:
Please specify what instruments and quantities you or your band have*:
How did you find out about this event?*:

Other (please specify):

Available Sessions

Available Sessions:*

Session Date Time
Auditions #1 15 │ 05 │ 2024 (Wed) 11am – 12nn Available
Auditions #2 15 │ 05 │ 2024 (Wed) 12nn – 1pm Available
Auditions #3 19 │ 05 │ 2024 (Sun) 11am – 12nn Available
Auditions #4 19 │ 05 │ 2024 (Sun) 12nn – 1pm Available

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