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23/07/2022, 23/07/2022, 24/07/2022, 24/07/2022, 30/07/2022, 30/07/2022

Beyond Environmental Arts Festival

Takeaway disposable tableware, monthly statements that are opened and discarded, clothing sitting unused in a corner of your wardrobe … what planet-polluting waste do you produce in your everyday life? But before you discard these unwanted things, stop and think for a while. With a little creativity, you could give them a second life and create beautiful artwork at the same time!

This July, the first-ever Beyond Environmental Arts Festival (BEA Festival) takes place at the Bank of East Asia Tower in Kwun Tong. Over two weekends – 23, 24 and 30 July – and under the theme “Waste not, want not”, the programme presents a series of fun events: the short theatrical performance Time4Change about the work of a group of young environmental pioneers, four upcycling workshops – “Reclaimed Wood Coasters”, “Miniature Fabric Dolls”, “Paper Hedgehog Puppets” and “Plastic Insect Pins” – on how to create art out of recycled materials, as well as environmental art installations by local artists. Free online registration is now available on . Limited spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Organised by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and sponsored by the Bank of East Asia, the Beyond Environmental Arts Festival (BEA Festival) is a programme to raise public awareness of various environmental, social and governance topics through visual and performing arts activities. The themes for the first three years are “waste”, “nature” and “climate change” respectively.

Event content:

Theatre Performance Time4Change

As we go about our daily lives, all of us produce much more waste than we imagine. But what can we do to make a difference and help protect the environment? Maybe it’s time to make some changes!

Written and directed by Lindsey McAlister, Time4Change is an original, high-energy family-friendly theatrical performance about five young environmental pioneers. Join them on their quest for change and inspire young people to make choices that can save our planet now and for future generations.

After watching the theatrical performance, participants can join one of the below upcycling workshops:

Upcycling Workshop: Reclaimed Wood Coasters

Every year, hundreds of tons of discarded wooden pallets are thrown into a landfill site in Hong Kong. With a little creativity, this scrap wood can be upcycled into art that can be enjoyed for years to come!

​In this workshop, art instructors from The Warehouse Teenage Club work with participants to cut, sand, wax and assemble reclaimed wood pieces to create unique and useful upcycled coasters. Join them and try your hand at making one of your own!

Upcycling Workshop: Miniature Fabric Dolls

Fast fashion items may be cheap to buy but the cost to the planet is more than we realise, and every year, millions of tons of discarded clothing end up in a landfill. As well as thinking twice before we buy new clothes, let’s help protect the planet by finding original ways to repurpose old items!

In this workshop, artist Eva Cheng demonstrates how we can reuse old clothing to create cute, fabric doll charms.

2 pieces of recycled cotton cloth (20cm x 20cm)
Fabric scraps of any size or material
Small items, such as buttons, zips or ribbon, for decoration/accessories.
(*We encourage participants to collect regularly discarded items and recycle them to create art.)

Upcycling Workshop: Paper Hedgehog Puppets

Everyone loves online shopping, but our click-to-buy habits generate tons of packaging waste. Besides shopping selectively, what can you do to help reduce or recycle this waste?

​In this workshop, artist Candice Keung shows participants how to make a fun hedgehog rod puppet from thin cardboard sheets, waste paper and a straw.

Thin cardboard sheets (Approx. A4 size)
Recycled magazine pages (x 5) or food packaging boxes (x 5)
Straw (x 1)
(*We encourage participants to collect regularly discarded items and recycle them to create art.)

Upcycling Workshop: Plastic Insect Pins

Our oceans are now so full of plastic pollution that many species of marine life already have microplastics in their bodies. If nothing is done to reverse this, 99% of marine species will consume microplastics by 2050 and the effect on the food chain and human health could be devastating. In this workshop, artist Yui Wong works with participants to upcycle plastic spoons and pieces of transparent plastic with beads, twist ties and acrylic paint pens to create either a colourful ladybird or dragonfly.

Plastic spoon (x 1)
Small pieces of thin, firm transparent plastic (eg, from bottles, food containers, etc)
(*We encourage participants to collect regularly discarded items and recycle them to create art.)

Performing Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver”– Intergenerational Arts Project “Every Note Counts”: Seeking Volunteer Musicians

Music has the power to heal and inspire. If you are a musician or singer keen to share your passion for music with the community, join us and support our volunteer programme Every Note Counts!

Every Note Counts is part of the Jockey Club Project Silver Intergenerational Arts Project designed to bridge the generation gap and inspire creative ageing through the arts. The volunteer programme shares the pleasure of music and companionship with elderly citizens, taking music performances into community centres or the homes of those unable to attend events independently.

We are now seeking volunteer soloists or groups to conduct visits in August 2022. Selected volunteers will be divided into small teams of two to four and join between one and three community centre or home visits. Before the visits, in July or August, volunteers will also have two training sessions with professional music instructors. If in-person visits cannot take place due to social distancing measures, the performances will be filmed.

Applications open until 19 June 2022. During this period, we will conduct a rolling admission process, with online interviews taking place until the quota is reached. Don’t miss this chance to make a difference and bring joy to the elderly with music!


Participants are required to bring their own instruments and equipment, including music stands.

- Due to space limitations in homes and centres, only groups of four or less and acoustic or unplugged portable instruments can be accommodated.

- Most visiting sessions take place during weekday in August or Saturday mornings and afternoons. Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from each visit.

- Volunteers are responsible for arranging their own rehearsals. HKYAF will also provide two music performance training sessions before the first visit.

Vaccine Pass

All service centre visitors need to follow official vaccination guidelines:

- Children aged 12 to 17 must have received at least 2 vaccinations (third dose should be administered within 6 months of second dose).

- Those aged 18 and above must have received 3 vaccinations.

- Exemptions will be given to those with proof of valid medical reasons.

- Volunteers may need to obtain COVID-19 test results within 7 days of each visit, or on the day of the visit, if required by individual institutions.

*Vaccine pass is subject to policy changes.

Audition Process

Complete the online application form and submit a two- to three-minute video* of yourself / your band performing and a 30-second self-introduction.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an online interview with our HKYAF team to help us get to know each other.

​*Please provide a sharable link for your submitted video (YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox) and name the video with your full name.

Year 2022

Visual Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Projects Colouring App Introduction Session

The latest updated version of Hong Kong’s first colouring app for elderly users – Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project Colouring App – is now available for download with more than 100 iconic images of old Hong Kong!

Performing Arts


Song Seeds: Music Mixtape - Youth Singer-songwriters Recruitment

Eager to express your emotions through singing and share original songs with the world? Join us this April to celebrate the power of music, learn the art of successful songwriting, and let us help make your dreams come true!

Performing Arts


Recruiting Professional Costume Designers (Project-based)

If you are a costume designer looking for a stage to showcase your work and a chance to engage with the community, join us and bring stories to life through creative costumes!

Performing Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project: “The City Talks” Seeking Youth Scriptwriters

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Old Hong Kong”? All of us have our own unique memories about our lives in Hong Kong – why not put them into words and share them with the world?

Past Events

Year 2022

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: RAW A Cappella Summer Academy 2022 – Auditions

Are you passionate about singing or beatboxing and curious to learn more about a cappella and vocal percussion? If yes, our fun-filled, fast-paced, two-day summer programme at the RAW A Cappella Summer Academy could be a perfect match.

Performing Arts


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2022: Auditions for Youth Dancers

Calling all youth dancers! It’s time for you to shine! Join us and be part of our stage performances and the Giant Puppet and Dramatic Costume Showcase at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2022 this December and show off your moves as the city gathers to celebrate the arts!

Visual Arts


HK Urban Canvas 2022 – Exhibition

This year, the HK Urban Canvas 2022 Exhibition showcases a total of 83 shopfront shutter artworks that we have created in nine districts over the past four years.

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: I’mperfect - Seeking Youth Performers

We are now seeking dancers and female-identifying actors aged 12 to 25 who are keen to be part of I’mperfect. The show opens this November. Experience preferred, enthusiasm a must!

Performing Arts


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022-This is How We Sign! Online Sign Language Workshops

How much do you know about sign language in Hong Kong or the Hong Kong deaf community? Join our Online Sign Language Workshop: This is how we sign! and we’ll help you connect and communicate with deaf individuals.

Visual Arts


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022 – School Recruitment

This year, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project celebrates the languages we speak in Hong Kong and explores how learning new languages enhances our understanding of other cultures.

Mixed Artforms


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022 Online Programme

The two-week online programmes uses music, dance, drama and arts and crafts videos to explore our mother tongue and how spoken, signed and tactile languages such as braille enhance our understanding of other people and cultures.

Mixed Artforms


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022 - I Am…

"I Am..." explores mother language and identity through music, dance, drama and arts and crafts videos.

Mixed Artforms


The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2022 - I Am...connected

Mixed Artforms


Insta-art: Have fun with art – every day at 3pm!

During this special “summer” vacation, keep children and students engaged in fun art activities at home with our daily Insta-art programme! From 21 March, for four consecutive weeks, Insta-art offers 60 free online “summer” activities from Monday to Friday at 3pm.



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