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Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: RAW A Cappella Summer Academy – Auditions

If you love to sing or beatbox and are curious to learn more about a capella and vocal percussion, join us and audition for our fun-filled fast-paced summer programme at the RAW A Cappella Summer Academy. Experience optional, enthusiasm a must!  In the week-long summer programme held between 19 and 24 July 2021, participants work with professional singing coach Astrid Lui to explore the rich range of sounds that the unaccompanied human voice can produce. Participants also learn a variety of skills, from basic singing techniques and reading sheet music to establishing harmonies and arranging songs, according to their level. Depending on the government health and safety restrictions in force at the time, the programme concludes with a filmed or live final performance for family and friends.  After the programme, selected participants will join the RAW a capella team and perform at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2021. Audition Process Step 1: First Auditions Application Deadline: 3 May 2021 Complete the online application form and submit a one to two-minute video* of yourself either singing (without music) or performing beatboxing/vocal percussion (with music) to a pop song of your choice. Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 10 May 2021, and must then complete Parts A and B of Step 2 Step 2: Second Auditions Part A:  Submission Deadline: 26 May 2021 If shortlisted, you will be notified and sent sheet music by 11 May 2021. You should learn the music and submit a video* of yourself singing your assigned part(s) by 26 May 2021. Part: B:  Interview: 29 – 30 May 2021 You will also be invited to take part in a 10-minute online Zoom interview with Astrid and HKYAF, so that we can get to know each other! Applicants who successfully complete Parts A and B will be notified by early June and asked to commit fully to the programme sessions held between 19 and 24 July 2021. *For video submissions, please provide video links (YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox) and supply proper access permissions. Please also label your videos clearly with your full name.  Please do not apply unless you can fully commit to the week-long summer programme.
Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Pull Back the Curtain 2021 – Seeking Youth Participants

Date: 05 – 09, 12 – 17|07|2021 Time: 10:30am – 3:00pm Application requirement: In 250 or more words, please describe a person from the 20th century who has inspired you most, and why (please answer in English). From Frida Kahlo to Neil Armstrong, from The Beatles to David Bowie, this year, Pull Back the Curtain goes back in time and takes inspiration from some of the greatest figures in 20th century music, art and history. In workshops led by professional writer and theatre maker Becky Baker, participants look at the lives of influential popular culture icons, use the stories they uncover to stimulate ideas for scripts, then take on the roles of writer and director to devise their own theatrical pieces from conception to performance.  Participants are also introduced to a diverse array of contemporary theatre practices and creative script writing techniques – such as monologues, verbatim theatre and spoken word – to help them develop a diverse writing toolkit and create an exciting and innovative script.   If you’d like to craft your own original performances, join us this summer to hone your skills and create work that celebrates hope and survival in changing times.
Performing Arts


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2021 – Auditions For Youth Dancers

Seeking energetic dancers aged 10 to 25! Join one of our three dance teams and celebrate the arts at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2021 (AIP) this November. Experience preferred, enthusiasm a must! Audition spots allocated on a first come, first served basis.  NEW REHEARSAL FORMAT This year, as most of us have limited opportunities to travel abroad, we have expanded our AIP dance programme to include a week-long summer intensive training programme for two of our three dance teams.   Dancers will be assigned to teams based on their audition performance, ability and availability. Priority will be given to those who can join the summer intensive. Please indicate your availability (for all three teams) in the application form.   Option 1: Summer Intensive (Teams A and B) For one week, dancers will meet on a daily basis to train, be inspired by different dance styles and work towards a final performance piece with an assigned choreographer. After these sessions, rehearsals will continue through to November, with filming and live performances taking place in October and November.   TEAM A *Dancers must commit to the whole programme - Summer Intensive: 26 – 31 July 2021 (Monday to Saturday), 10am – 5pm daily  - Rehearsals: August – November 2021 (Saturdays, 9am – 1pm) - Film date: 2 – 3 October 2021 (time TBC) - On-site Rehearsal: 12 November 2021 (day time, TBC) - Performances: 13 – 14 November 2021 (full days) TEAM B *Dancers must commit to the whole programme - Summer Intensive: 2 – 7 August 2021 (Monday to Saturday), 10am – 5pm daily - Rehearsals:  August – November 2021 (Sundays, 4pm – 8pm)  - Film date: 2 – 3 October 2021 (time TBC) - On-site Rehearsal: 12 November 2021 (day time, TBC) - Performances: 13 – 14 November 2021 (full days)   Option 2: No Summer Intensive (Team C) Dancers who cannot commit to the intensive summer training programme may be selected for Team C and join weekly rehearsals from July to November only. TEAM C *Dancers must commit to the whole programme - No summer intensive - Rehearsals: July – November 2021 (Tuesdays, 5pm – 9pm)  - Film date: 2 – 3 October 2021 (time TBC) - On-site Rehearsal: 12 November 2021 (day time, TBC) - Performances: 13 – 14 November 2021 (full days)  
Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2021 – #BeTheChange

Journey to the Top and Haste Makes E-waste are two new original spoken word dance films from the #BeTheChange film series that encourages young people to address social issues that impact them through the arts.  Journey to the Top explores the creation of a garment from distant dusty cotton fields to your local polished shopping mall. The film spins a new thread of hope within the devastating environmental impact of fast fashion, and encourages viewers to rethink and reflect on our values as consumers before making a purchase. For every piece of fast fashion we refuse to buy, we are also making a difference to the future of our planet.  Journey to the Top is created and performed by an all-youth team, including writer Yasmin Hingun and HKYAF’s Youth Assistant Choreographers Jacqueline Lo and Natalie Hsu.  Most of us own more products than we realise. Apart from our phones, computers, air conditioning and washing machines, many of these products are rarely used or never used at all! Haste Makes E-waste invites us to think about why we purchase electronic items that we don’t need and don’t use. It also asks us, as consumers, to think twice before buying new gadgets and be honest with ourselves about how much we really need the things we want to own. Led by professional artists Priscilla Lai and Malvina Tam, Haste Makes E-waste is written and performed by HKYAF’s spoken word artists and dancers, and animated by Nico Cheung.
Performing Arts

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project 2021 “Why on Earth?”

As a living planet, Earth experiences change every day. Much of this change is caused by human behaviour and the day-to-day choices we make as communities and individuals. It is up to all of us to help advocate for our planet and draw attention to this global issue. Why on Earth? features a series of original dance, music and spoken word creations that highlight the issues posed by climate change, the challenges we face in our daily lives, and what we can do to help preserve our planet in the best way possible. The works capture the voices of young environmental advocates working to create a better, greener, more sustainable path for our future.  In addition to the films screening in this exhibition, more creations will be rolled out online on a weekly basis from mid-March to April. Follow Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation on Facebook or Instagram (@hkyaf) or subscribe to our e-newsletter for the latest updates. Watch the entire series here or scroll down to explore the video playlists by category. Dance The creative power of dance can inspire change and help envision the future. The works in this original collection – choreographed by Kirsten Ho, Giselle Liu, HKYAF alumni and HKYAF's talented Youth Assistant Choreographers Sania Sit, Shania Montevalde, Valerie Cheung and Vivian Ho – highlight the devastating consequences of climate change and urge us to act now before it is too late. Spoken Word In a series of thought-provoking and emotional spoken-word performances, ten writer-performers from HKYAF, led by professional writer and theatre maker Becky Baker, raise their voices to offer new perspectives on the climate crisis and the urgency for change.   Music Singer-songwriter Series Guided by professional songwriter and producer Isaac Chan, HKYAF’s very first group of singer-songwriters take inspiration from everyday life and express their thoughts on climate change through music and lyrics. RAW A Capella Team HKYAF’s incredible a capella team RAW presents new interpretations of two songs inspired by the environment – Earth by Lil Dicky and All the Good Girls Go to Hell by Billie Eilish. Led by professional singing coach Astrid Lui, RAW’s music showcases the infinite range of sounds that the unaccompanied voice can produce.​  
Visual Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project: Colouring App Introduction Sessions

Colouring is a fun way to relax and be creative – but most colouring apps are designed with younger tech-savvy audiences in mind. The Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project Colouring App is the first colouring app exclusively designed for the elderly community in Hong Kong.  Featuring iconic images of old Hong Kong created by professional artist ayip and local youth participants, the user-friendly mobile app offers two tailor-made levels of complexity – to cater for different abilities, encourage digital inclusion, and help elderly users master touch-screen skills in a fun and creative way. Designed for use on iPads and tablet devices only, the app is now available for free at the App Store and Google Play. Between May and November 2021, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation staff will also provide a series of free-of-charge introduction sessions at elderly care centres and organisations to help residents and visitors learn how to use the app and encourage them to explore their creativity through digital technology. The introduction sessions are available on a first come, first served basis. Apply now (available in Chinese)!
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