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Auditioning!... with Adam Chan

Posted on 13/05/2015, BY HKYAF

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Blood Brothers auditions are coming up!! With that in mind, we have spoken to some YAFies who gladly shared their auditioning tips and experiences. First up, we have Adam Chan who was last seen in YAF’s musical production Oliver.

Adam, how did you learn about YAF?
I learnt about YAF from my mum's colleague and provided professional training. As a performer, I immediately checked the YAF website and joined my first YAF production.

What’s it like auditioning for a YAF show?
Unlike most musicals, YAF is very professional and so you usually feel pretty nervous. Also, in the audition, you might get a bit frightened because participants audition their song one at a time.

How do you prepare for an audition?
In order to do the best you can do in an audition, the most important thing is to BE PREPARED! I usually prepare myself by singing my audition song to the mirror at first, so that you can see your expressions yourself. After that, you can maybe perform in front of your family, relatives, friends so that you  get use to performing in front of people and don't get too nervous when you actually perform. You can also ask them to give you some comments afterwards.

Top auditioning tips?
Some quick suggestions - you can deep breathe before you sing, it always helps to relieve the stress. You should also act natural and be yourself as people like seeing your personality through your performance. Lastly, easy as it seems, SMILE, don't forget assessors are also human beings just like you, so remember to smile as it always does the trick.

What is your favourite thing about being in a YAF show?
The thing I like about YAF is it is very professional, it really helps your voice or acting skills, depending whether it is a musical or a play. Another thing I like about YAF is that you can make a lot of friends, from different backgrounds and different ages which I think is a unique opportunity.

What are YAF rehearsals like?
YAF rehearsals are very intense. You got to be switched on and 200% focused in order not to miss any important details. You also have to be, as everyone who have worked with YAF's director, Lindsey, knows... full of ENERGY. In the rehearsals, the director usually focuses on each scene one at a time. If you're not needed in the scene, you can revise the script and get prepared.


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