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Auditioning!... with Lucy Acheson

Posted on 19/05/2015, BY HKYAF

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Next up in our auditioning series (as we have Blood Brothers auditions coming up!), we have Lucy Acheson! Lucy joined a YAF production for the first time last year. 

How did you learn about YAF?
I learnt about YAF from friends as they told me how great it was. so I asked my parents for permission and they allowed me to audition!

What’s it like auditioning for a YAF show?
It is quite nerve-racking at first. I was the last person in my group to audition so I had to sit through 29 other auditions. When it came to my turn, I was terrified but after singing a couple of bars I relaxed and tried my best to perform

How do you prepare for an audition?
I prepare for an audition by standing in front of my full-length mirror and going over lines or songs whilst watching what I am doing.This way I can see when I need to perform more, or where I need to stand and just sing.

Top auditioning tips?
Drink lots of water, staying hydrated is key to a great performance. Also, relax! the more you relax then the more fun you'll have! I know I messed up a few times during my audition, but I carrying on it will show your initiative and it won't be noticeable. 

What is your favourite thing about being in a YAF show ?
My favourite thing about being in a YAF show is the community! Everyone is friendly and has a passion for performing. You will make some amazing friends at YAF who all share the same love for theatre as you.

What are YAF rehearsals like?
YAF rehearsals are very serious. when you join the cast, you need to be 100% dedicated to the show AND the rehearsals! Everyone wants to put on a great show for the audience, so working to the best of your ability means you'll be one step closer to the perfect performance!


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