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Melodia: Spotlight on Felicity Low

Posted on 29/03/2017, BY HKYAF

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My name is Felicity Low and I am 9 years old.  I really enjoy singing, dancing and performing on stage. I have been in two other productions before – I was Gretl von Trapp in “The Sound of Music” (2015) and Baby June in “GYPSY” (2016).  I love going to school to learn and experiment with all sorts of things.  I also like netball.  I have a younger brother who is 5 years old and he is very cute. 

In Melodia, I am an Azara (bird-like tribe) named Mook. I am one of the triplets. My siblings are Pit (Peony) and Raff (Nicholas).  Raff and Mook think Pit is somewhat different and a bit daft, so they pick on Pit and bully her but when they think she is in danger, they do show their love and care for their triplet.

To prepare myself for this role, I listen to the songs sent to us by the production team to get familiar with the music and the lyrics. I practise my songs (in particular, the 3-part harmony) and my lines after each rehearsal.

This is my first time in a HKYAF production.  I have not worked together with so many other young people in a production before. This is fun and a great experience for me. The auditions were fun. I felt confident but at the same time I was also nervous. The most memorable part of the auditions was playing the narrators’ part (we had to act and say their lines).  It was fun working with my group. When I found out that I got into the production, I was very happy and excited – squealing and jumping up and down with joy.  My parents and my entire family are very supportive and said they are very proud of me.

I enjoy making new friends and working with people I have not worked with before. When the show is over, I will miss my new and old friends who are in this production.

My three top tips for a great performance are:
(1) Enjoy the experience. (2) Smile and be happy. (3) Rest and eat well.

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