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Melodia Siblings: Allason and Natalie

Posted on 24/04/2017, BY HKYAF

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Allason: My name is Allason, and I’m 16 years old this year. Some things that I really enjoy are music, dance, sports, and photography. 

Natalie: I am Natalie and I am 13 years old and I go to ISF. My sister and I have both been doing ballet since a very young age, and have always enjoyed participating in and watching dance. We started our first YAF project around 3 years ago, and since then we’ve had so many new opportunities; got to work with an energetic, lively team and have been exposed to so many new dance styles. In Melodia, we are both Azara dancers. We really enjoy the dancing because the music and movement really helps the production come alive.

A: The auditions are a really exciting experience. I didn’t feel very nervous, because I knew many of the other dancers who were auditioning. The dances that we learnt were challenging but there was a lot of interaction with other dancers and this made it really fun. My sister and I weren’t in the same callbacks. I remember really enjoying the callback because the style of dance was one that I don’t usually have the opportunity to train in.

N: The auditions for Melodia were extremely positive and engaging. The choreographers and dancers were all so kind and ready to help you if you needed anything, and everyone just tried their best and had tons of fun. We both got slightly nervous before the auditions, but in the end everything was just very exciting, and we enjoyed being able to perform using our facial expressions as well as to dance full out in the combinations. 

N: We are so grateful that we are sharing this amazing experience with each other. Being in the same production makes things so much easier, as we both help each other a lot during the entire process, from remembering choreography to doing hair and makeup. It is also very convenient for our mum to drive us to the same places and the same time! 

A: We practice together at home to make sure we don’t forget any of the 12 dances… It’s amazing to be able to perform in such a big show with my sister simply because I can share this unforgettable experience with her! I appreciate my sister's work ethic - when she wants to get a move, she doesn’t stop practicing until she gets it.

N: I appreciate Allason a lot because as she’s older than me, she’s always there for me. As we mentioned, if I’m having trouble with anything such as the hair or makeup, she will lend me a hand and will make sure everything is show-ready. If I’m feeling sick or have injured myself, she’ll be there right away to support me and help me feel better in any way possible. If our parents are not available to drive us, she’ll take me and always know what time and where all the rehearsals are.

A: We are definitely going to miss seeing, dancing and working with all of the incredible yaffies. 

N: I’m also going to miss rehearsing, because although it’s hard work, it’s gratifying and it’s a process that we go through with the rest of the cast and have a lot of fun doing so. 

A: Our top tips for a great performance are to have fun, to give it your best effort, and to perform together with everyone else on stage. 

N: And to come prepared, have fun and watch out for each other as a family!

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