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Change in Motion

Posted on 1/07/2018, BY HKYAF

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"I'm not interested in how people move but what moves them." – Pina Bausch

For celebrated German choreographer Pina Bausch, whose meticulously devised choreographies incorporated raw elements of everyday social issues and pushed the boundaries of what dance should and could be, dance existed in all aspects of life. 

Communities facing conflict or issues around the environment, gender identity, equality or mental health often feel at a loss trying to understand or bring about positive change. But art can help us share emotions, voice concerns, create meaning and learn new ways to move forward. As an expressive art form that borrows movement from the most basic human gestures, the language of dance is universal. Throwing a fist in the air, running for a bus or jumping for joy, our movement communicates a message that is clear regardless of our race, gender, age or background, transcending cultural differences and language barriers. 

A painting or sculpture may last a lifetime, yet dance is an intensely personal experience of a moment in time. The connection created between the performer and the audience will vary with each performance – moving us, touching us, enlightening us, making an impact on us and those around us.  


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