Posted on 1/11/2018, BY HKYAF

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Have you always been interested in the performing arts?
I remember that at a very young age I have always enjoyed performing in my school and church community, I even sang a solo at a wedding party. Finally, my voice teacher asked me to audition for HKYAF’s Oliver, and I remember seeing so many talented kids nervously prepping for their audition and I completely understood how they were feeling as this was my first big audition. It was one of my happiest moments when I got in and that experience had a really strong impact on me that made me realized that I really want to be involved in the performing arts.

What prompted you to audition for Fame?
After the participating in the musical “Oliver”, I’ve always wanted to be a part of another one of HKYAF’s musicals because through all of my experiences I gained through projects that the HKYAF provided me, it has left a strong and lasting impression on me. 

What has been the most challenging part of the rehearsal process?
The most challenging part of this musical is balancing my schedule with school, extracurricular activities and rehearsals. But since this is my fourth musical with HKYAF, I think I have already learned how to effectively balance everything.

What is your favourite/most memorable part of this project? 
Rehearsals has always been one of my most memorable part since I always get to meet a lot of new friends, not to mention being with people I’ve worked with before. I also get to see so many talented people at work and learn a lot from them.

I have learned to be more responsible and independent by checking my schedule, being on time and printing scores that we need. In addition, I learned how to act more mature, since this musical is about high school which makes me learn how to not act like a kid since it is what I used to do. 

In Fame, all of the students excelled in their chosen field. If you could be good at anything, what would it be?
I would really like to be good at both singing and acting, but I know that if I want to be in musical theatre, I need to learn how to dance well as well to be more well rounded.

What do you wish people knew about performing?
I wish I could get people to see the amount of hardwork every single cast member puts into making this musical a smashing success. Performing, be it singing, acting or dancing is an amazing way of communicating the story to the audience and hoping that they will be moved or inspired by it.


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