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Performing Arts


Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016: Ignite

Community performing art projects that ignite a sense of belonging, encourage community collaboration and motivate all to explore and discover new strengths.

Performing Arts


Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 20106: Ignite

As part of the Ignite programme, groups of artists are working in communities around Hong Kong, encouraging collaboration and a sense of belonging, and motivating residents to explore their strengths and discover new talents.

Performing Arts

Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016 - Seeking Artists

Seeking enthusiastic professional performing artists from any discipline – circus, dance, film, theatre, sound, literature, music or opera – to create extraordinary community art and school projects!

Mixed Artforms


JUMP CUT Movie Day – The Vintage

Join us for a screening of "The Vintage". A post-screening discussion will be hosted by the director and the cast.

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Writing for Screen

If you would like to create your own film – for the big screen or the very small screen, as a writer, actor, director or technician – this workshop is for you!

Performing Arts


JUMP CUT Independent Film Festival 2015

After months of preparation by YAF's enthusiastic JUMP CUT youth committee, Hong Kong’s city-wide pop-up independent film festival is back again this Easter… Are you ready?

Mixed Artforms


Ocean Art Walk 2015 at Stanley Plaza

A festival by the sea celebrating the ocean. Emmy-award winning documentary Chasing Ice inspires an exhibition, dance performances, workshops and movie marathons.

Performing Arts


Jump Cut 2015 Cine Hub Movie Marathon

Preparations for JUMP CUT 2015 have now begun, and we would like to welcome you to join our youth committee at their movie marathons and masterclasses from September 2014 onwards.

Mixed Artforms


JUMP CUT 2015 Masterclass: Visual Branding on Video

Join our masterclasses gaining insights on the film industry

Mixed Artforms


JUMP CUT x HKIFF Cine Fan - Schools Movie Express

Introducing young audiences to quality independent films, whilst creating a space within schools for discussion and exchange about the art of the cinema.



14 Jul 2016

Making Art Down to Earth

Art is universal. Inspiration can come from all aspects of our daily lives and the results can take many forms, benefiting all of our lives in different ways.


15 Aug 2014

Alisa Chau: Why join JUMP CUT?

Last but not least, we have Alisa Chau who talks about her experience of JUMP CUT 2014! If being part of this festival sounds appealing… sign up to JUMP CUT 2015 team now!


14 Aug 2014

Ariel Chan: Why join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Ariel Chan who amongst many other jobs, went onto RTHK’s radio show to talk about JUMP CUT 2014 and designed the gorgeous publicity image for the festival!


13 Aug 2014

Billy Lo: Why Join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Billy Lo! Read on to find out about his experience as one of the committee members of JUMP CUT 2014.


12 Aug 2014

Charmaine Chan: Why join JUMP CUT?

Next up we have Charmaine Chan who was President of the youth committee of JUMP CUT 2014.


4 Aug 2014

Phoebe Chan: Why join JUMP CUT?

Phoebe Chan telling us about her experience of JUMP CUT 2014. If this sounds like something you’d love to get involved in… sign up to be part of the JUMP CUT 2015 team now!


31 Jul 2014

Heyson Tang: Why join JUMP CUT?

Heyson Tang who shares his experience as JUMP CUT 2014’s committee Vice President.


30 Jul 2014

Karl Leung: Why join JUMP CUT?

We’re recruiting for our JUMP CUT 2015 team now! To give everyone a better look at what it means to be on the committee, we spoke to some of the members from last year’s team. First up, we have Karl Leung!


16 Apr 2014

JUMP CUT with Heyson Tang


15 Apr 2014

JUMP CUT with Billy Lo



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