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Art Angels (CSR)


African Drum Jamming Workshop by China Everbright Limited

Motivating, energising, connecting and healing, drumming is an art form that brings together people of all ages and abilities!

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2016

Step into a magical forest with mesmerising illuminated artworks, spectacular giant puppets, and an array of art stalls and stage performances – a weekend of extraordinary visual and sensory art experiences for all ages!

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Learn African Dance with Live African Drumming

Seeking energetic and musical dancers who want to learn African dance to live music played by Afö!

Art Angels (CSR)


Point72 African Drum Jamming Workshop

Volunteer staff members from Point72 will work with professional YAF artists to offer a group of beneficiary students a memorable African drum jam experience.

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2015

Celebrating 15 years of inspiration! #ArtsinthePark is one of Hong Kong’s largest and most vibrant annual community arts events.

Art Angels (CSR)


Sino Group: African Drum Jam and Rainstick Workshop

An unforgettable music experience for underprivileged youngsters at Ma Tau Chung Nursery School, Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children.

Mixed Artforms


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras 2014

This year, taking inspiration from science, and topics as diverse as time travel, astronomy, wildlife and robotics, thousands of young people and artists will come together to create original performance and visual art .

Art Angels (CSR)


HKR Care & Share Volunteer Activity - African Drum Jamming Workshop

Volunteer staff members from HKR International Limited (HKRI) offer a children from the Society for Community Organization an unforgettable African drum jam experience.



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