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Mixed Artforms


Beyond Environmental Arts Festival

Under the theme “Waste not, want not”, the first-ever Beyond Environmental Arts Festival presents a short theatrical performance Time4Change about the work of five environmental pioneers, four upcycling workshops – “Reclaimed Wood Coasters”, “Miniature Fabric Dolls”, “Paper Hedgehog Puppets” and “Plastic Insect Pins” – on how to create art out of recycled materials, as well as environmental art installations by local artists. 

Performing Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver” Intergenerational Arts Project: “The City Talks” Seeking Youth Scriptwriters

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Old Hong Kong”? All of us have our own unique memories about our lives in Hong Kong – why not put them into words and share them with the world?

Performing Arts


Jockey Club “Project Silver”– Intergenerational Arts Project “Every Note Counts”: Seeking Volunteer Musicians

Music has the power to heal and inspire. If you are a musician or singer keen to share your passion for music with the community, join us and support our volunteer programme Every Note Counts!

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: RAW A Cappella Summer Academy 2022 – Auditions

Are you passionate about singing or beatboxing and curious to learn more about a cappella and vocal percussion? If yes, our fun-filled, fast-paced, two-day summer programme at the RAW A Cappella Summer Academy could be a perfect match.

Performing Arts


Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2022: Auditions for Youth Dancers

Calling all youth dancers! It’s time for you to shine! Join us and be part of our stage performances and the Giant Puppet and Dramatic Costume Showcase at Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2022 this December and show off your moves as the city gathers to celebrate the arts!



1 Jun 2022

Spotlight on YAFies: Ivy Hung


1 Apr 2022

Spotlight on YAFies: Violaine Corradi


31 Jan 2022

Spotlight on YAFies: Zara Asa


1 Dec 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Edwin Chuk


30 Oct 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Cast of Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2021 Storytelling Theatre “Peter Pan” (Cantonese)

Boaz Chan, King Wong, Onnie Chan


29 Sep 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Cast of Only a Girl


9 Jan 2020

Spotlight on YAFies: Vivian Ho


25 Jun 2019

Eimear "Mimi" Burns: Director of Pull Back the Curtain 2019

As a director you have the thrill of bringing people and their unique talents together and harmonising these to create unforgettable moments for your audience.


6 Apr 2017

Melodia: Spotlight on Katia Shek

Next up in our Melodia series, we have Katia Shek!


6 Mar 2017

Melodia Siblings: Tess and Meagan Chau

It’s always so lovely when families get involved in our projects! And for our 2017 flagship musical Melodia, it turns out we’ve casted 6 sets of siblings, including 2 sets of twins. In this Melodia Siblings blog series, meet our wonderful siblings. First up, we have Tess and Meagan Chau.



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