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Performing Arts


Standard Chartered Youth Creative Industry Employment Scheme – “Unplugged” Performance for Schools

Our lively physical theatre production “Unplugged” is designed to help senior primary school students learn how to navigate the online world. If you would like to bring this fun, free theatre production to your students, simply fill out our online registration form!

Performing Arts


Standard Chartered Youth Creative Industry Employment Scheme - Theatre and Technical Arts

A four- to six-month programme of paid professional theatre training and touring at local schools

Performing Arts

Miller Performing Arts: Pull Back the Curtain 2021 – Recorded Performance

In 2021 summer’s Pull Back the Curtain, a group of young people took inspiration from some of the greatest figures in 20th-century music, art and history and devised their own theatrical pieces.

Performing Arts


Project After 6: MOU MAN TAI Auditions

Working professionals from all over Hong Kong are invited to audition for the upcoming original musical performance PROJECT AFTER 6: MOU MAN TAI.

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Only a Girl — Advance School Bookings

Our flagship theatre production "Only A Girl" opens this November. Advance school bookings are available now!

Performing Arts


Miller Performing Arts: Only a Girl

This November, 50 talented young local actors and dancers take the stage to present Only a Girl – a bittersweet LGBT+ tale about a girl’s road to self-discovery. Public ticket sales start on 8 October 2021 at 12 pm at POPTICKET.



1 Dec 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Edwin Chuk


30 Oct 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Cast of Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2021 Storytelling Theatre “Peter Pan” (Cantonese)

Boaz Chan, King Wong, Onnie Chan


29 Sep 2021

Spotlight on YAFies: Cast of Only a Girl


9 Jan 2020

Spotlight on YAFies: Vivian Ho


25 Jun 2019

Eimear "Mimi" Burns: Director of Pull Back the Curtain 2019

As a director you have the thrill of bringing people and their unique talents together and harmonising these to create unforgettable moments for your audience.


6 Apr 2017

Melodia: Spotlight on Katia Shek

Next up in our Melodia series, we have Katia Shek!


6 Mar 2017

Melodia Siblings: Tess and Meagan Chau

It’s always so lovely when families get involved in our projects! And for our 2017 flagship musical Melodia, it turns out we’ve casted 6 sets of siblings, including 2 sets of twins. In this Melodia Siblings blog series, meet our wonderful siblings. First up, we have Tess and Meagan Chau.


14 Jul 2016

Making Art Down to Earth

Art is universal. Inspiration can come from all aspects of our daily lives and the results can take many forms, benefiting all of our lives in different ways.


19 May 2016

Pull Back the Curtain: Michelle Chan's Charlie

Pull Back the Curtain performances begin tomorrow! Before we move into the theatre, we speak to one of the featured playwrights, Michelle Chan.


12 May 2016

Pull Back the Curtain: Eimear Burns' Domestic

Pull Back the Curtain returns next week with new theatre works written by some of Hong Kong's very best youth voices! This year, we have selected Eimear Burns' "Domestic" to be transformed into a full production.



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